Alla spelningar/konserter sker i samarbete med Studieförbundet Bilda.

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  1. Eric Bestul


    Jimmy Swope from Baltimore Maryland USA is looking to book a show in your area on May 9th. He offers a full night of Classic Country music for a quite reasonable price.

    Many consider his album “Wages of Sin” to be the best Country album of 2014. Here is a clip of him playing at Crooked Smile Festival in Indiana.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Eric Bestul

    Correction. May 8th is the date we would be looking to fill there. Not the 9th.

  3. Lorenzo "Surfer Joe"

    Hi, this is Lorenzo “Surfer Joe” from Italy. I deal worldwide with surf music as musician and booker. I am planning a few shows in Sweden for next Mid November and I am looking for a show in Stockholm with the band.

    I would like to send some promo info via email (links, generic info) is possible.

    Please let me know asap if we can discuss this possibility.


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  5. Birka

    Are there still tickets for Thomas Dybdhal on the 22May?
    Thank you

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